Production and products


Our production consists of sawing pine and spruce and we specialise in the production of healthy products in both types of wood.

Of the total production volume, 85,000 - 90,000 m3 per year, just over half is pine.

In our products, we are customer-oriented and we make a lot of special dimensions and customer qualities. The dimensions to be sawn are 15 mm to 63 mm thick and 63 to 175 mm wide.

Our sawing machine is Hewsaw R 200. The smallest log class to be sawn is 10 cm in diameter and the largest 23 cm. The log lengths of pine and spruce are 3.1 m and 4.3 m.

Thanks to our chamber dryers, we are able to serve our customers especially in special dry goods, up to 8-10% for carpenter's dry goods.